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The error at the end of the game, for some reason requires me to actually have the special symbols in the music file. How do I fix this?

i cant play it :(

Hi! Hey, DarkSpines Games (a Spanish translation and game making team) would like to translate your game to Spanish!!! Please, mail them to

i and a friend of mine both have played this silly little game but for some reason we are both getting an error message telling us that an audio file called sad piano music - solstice is missing but it is fact there and i don't understand what could be wrong...

the lack of a chalk consumption death is really disappointing, but the game is great!

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Please what to do after turning the Lights out, get the Sword and noticing that the Door to my Room and the Bathroom are locked.

Look around the hallways and see if there’s a key nearby!

Found it. You should fix the "Unable to find file audio/bgm/sad piano music...." It should be named "♩♫ Sad Piano Music ♪♬ - Solstice (Copyright and Royalty Free)"

Now how to get the Second Ending?  I looked and tried every think I can think of.

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Second ending is really a very very VERY optional ending, kind of like a "secret ending", so i'm not really interested in going so deep into it. you can totally get it before you even make dinner, so try to interact with everything that won't kill you! ((hint hint: if you've looked around the house enough, you should notice something with Henry's family. there's something in Henry's room that is definitely important to that story line, maybe after you check everything you should investigate))

what's strange about the music file is that it's fixed for me. I'm gonna try and reupload the game and hope it gets fixed, i'm so sorry about that!

also i'm so sorry for the late replies! i'm happy to see you interested in my game, I've just got a full plate right now and I tend to forget to check my messages

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no Problem I saw the Walkthorugh on the other Site thanks.